Puddle Flanges by FRANK

Service Sealing Solutions are a UK distributor for FRANK puddle flanges, and other sealant suppliers, our aim is to provide assured watertight sealing of pipes through concrete structures, foundation plates and manholes.

FRANK Puddle Flanges are suitable for all standard pipes in steel, plastic, concrete, stoneware and cast iron, with a range of 20mm to 3200mm in diameter. Preventing the ingress of pressurised water, diffusing media such as gases, including radon, and hydrocarbons like oil and petrol. Overall ensuring water flows smooth and free between pipes.

Made from EPDM, they act as a barrier. They are chemically resistant to a wide range of acids and bases. Depending on the diameter, they are proven to be tight and to hold pressures between 8 and 10 bars, also offering exceptional resistance to ozone and weather.

The FRANK puddle flange is an extremely flexible and reliable product available in a range of versions. It can also be installed during construction. This product by FRANK is the cost-effective solution to conventional sealing systems.


puddle flange
puddle flange

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd specialise in sealing systems for utility services, offering a high level  of expertise to developers and specifiers for sealing against water penetration and gas ingress around service  entries in basements and high-rise buildings.    

For more information on our FRANK product range, or any other ranges, contact Service Sealing Solutions on 01952 510050  or email us on sales@servicesealingsolutions.co.uk