DOYMA products provide the highest level of safety when sealing buildings where pipes and cables pass through.
Frank specialise in the development, production and marketing of pipe systems, valves, fittings, measuring and control technology.
HKD manufacture a vast and ever growing range of pipe sealing systems and service conduits
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Service Sealing Solutions

Service Sealing Solutions are the sole UK distributor for pioneering the sealing industry’s top manufacturers; DOYMA, FRANK and HKD.

About our Manufacturers


With over 50 years of experience, DOYMA compile both their knowledge and skill into their seal range, to create effective, but simple solutions to meet all watertight service sealing requirements. DOYMA products provide the highest level of safety when sealing buildings where pipes and electrical cables pass through. 

DOYMA stands on the front line when it comes to the development of innovative, practical solutions for sealing and fire systems. Their goal is to create safe building penetrations for pipes and cables that seal off fire, gas and water. The rubber mouldings are what ensure the gas and watertight features.

We have a range of DOYMA product brochures available on our site to help you find a suitable solution for your build. To take a look, head to our resources page.


HKD, now owned by DOYMA, manufacture a vast range of pipe sealing systems and service ducts. All HKD products are guaranteed to withstand up to 4 bars of pressure. All products in the HKD range can be combined with the DOYMA Curaflex range, particularly the Curaflex pipe sleeves.


FRANK carry a large range comprising of tried and tested thermoplastic pipe systems. Their variety of innovative and tailor-made seals are suitable for all special applications.

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd specialise in high-quality service duct sealing systems for utility services and watertight seals. Offering a high level of expertise to developers and specifiers for sealing against water and gas ingress around service entries in basements and high-rise buildings.

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When you are planning a build, it is easy to forget the hidden details, like cable ducts and fire resistance, that make sure your building stands the test of time. Correct installation and making sure you use the appropriate products can help keep the buildings cables and pipes accessible. And if any cables need removing in the future, making any maintenance easier to complete with little disruption in the process. Pipe sealing systems also prevent structural damage. Wherever service ducts are installed through walls, ceilings or floors, penetrating water, other liquids or humidity may cause damage to buildings. 

We use the very best in German engineering to seal penetration points through walls and floors to permanently prevent any infiltration of gases and water into the building, thus presenting excellent preventative measures against structural damage. They will meet all your watertight duct sealing requirements. Distributing the industry’s best manufacturers, Service Sealing Solutions offer the most extensive range.

Service Sealing Solutions provide a number of different service sealing solutions across the UK to both the public and private sector, making them the ideal choice for your next project.