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Fibre Cement and Steel Sleeves, Plates and Puddle Flanges by DOYMA

Wherever services are installed through walls, ceilings or floors, penetrating water and gas may cause damage to buildings, along with its contents and inhabitants. Lack of attention to the points of entry of pipes and cables into the building can have serious results. These problems could be damp cellars, equipment damaged by water ingress or lack of chemical resistance, resulting in high repair costs.

The DOYMA Plates, Sleeves and Puddle Flanges are the perfect solution for all your sealing protection needs. They are available in a large range of standard sizes and types, and can also be custom made to meet specific requirements. We can supply wall mounted Plates, along with a range that can be cast into a wall during the construction phase, as an alternative to core boring through an existing wall.

The external waterproofing or level of gas tightness required dictates the type of the sleeve, plate or puddle flange that you will need. The DOYMA Curaflex® range comes in two materials, fibre cement and steel, both with different features.

The DOYMA Curaflex® Gaskets are designed to fit inside the Sleeves, Flanges, or the spigots on the Plates.


Fibre cement sleeves are designed to be cast into waterproof concrete where they create a homogeneous and watertight connection. This prevents shrinkage cracks and is dimensionally stable. Fibre cement sleeves are optimally designed to be used in conjunction with the Curaflex® gaskets.

Curaflex® 3000 Sleeves are made of a high-quality special fibre cement and have a large surface area for casting into waterproof reinforced concrete structures. 


They are designed for flush mounting into the formwork and can also be provided as a split version (Curaflex 3000/T), for retrofit, where services are already installed.


Curaflex® 3001 Sleeves are also made of fibre cement for casting in, but in addition have a large fixed flange to maintain the integrity of liquid form waterproof sealants that may be used on the surface of your wall to be penetrated. 


Curaflex® 4006 Sleeves are also made of fibre cement for casting in, but in addition they have fixed and loose flanges made of cast iron to maintain the integrity of a tanking membrane or thick waterproof coating.


steel sleeves 5

Curaflex 3000

steel sleeves 4

Curaflex 3000/T Split Version

Fibre cement gasket

Curaflex 3001

fibre cement piping

Curaflex 4006

service sealing solutions

Curaflex C Gasket sealing the red ducting within the Curaflex 3000 that has been cast into the wall.


The DOYMA Curaflex® Steel Plates or Puddle Flanges can be either wall mounted or cast in depending on the type of waterproofing being used on your wall. They have been optimally designed for use in conjunction with the Curaflex® gaskets. Standard steel plates and flanges are made of triple corrosion protected mild steel. Optionally they can be made of Stainless Steel 304 or 316. They are available in a large number of standard sizes and types, and can also be custom made to include designs of multiple spigots on one plate, ideal for use where multiple services are routed in close proximity to each other.

Curaflex® 8000 Plates are designed to be mounted on the face of a wall. They are suitable for penetrations without a suitable core bore or sleeve and can cover letter box openings. Where pipes or services are already installed, split plates can be provided. A large number of standard spigot sizes are available, nonstandard sizes and plates with multiple spigots can be specially made upon request.

fibre cement sleeve by service sealing solutions

Curaflex 8000 Plate

Curaflex 8000 Plate mounted on wall with Bituminous waterproof coating

Curaflex 8000 plate with Curaflex C gasket inserted in spigot

Curaflex 8000/T split plate with Curaflex Quick in C gasket for installations where services are already in place.

Curaflex 8000 Plate specially made with multiple spigots. Four split spigots were fitted with Curaflex C/M/T Gaskets to seal already installed multiple services. Four spigots were added for future use and fitted with blank gaskets to be replaced at a later date when new services are required.


Curaflex C/M/T Gasket


Curaflex C/O Gasket

Curaflex® 9000 Puddle Flanges are designed to be cast into a waterproof concrete structure. With a framework flush mounting, their inner wall is optimally designed to accommodate DOYMA gaskets. The 100mm steel flange can be welded at any point along the sleeve.

Curaflex 9000 Puddle Flange

Curaflex 9000 Puddle Flange with Curaflex C Gasket inserted

Curaflex® 7006 Plates are made of triple corrosion protected mild steel and are designed to be wall mounted. They have fixed and loose flanges made of steel, to maintain the integrity of a tanking membrane or thick waterproof coating. They can also be produced with multiple spigots to meet your specific requirements and can be split, for retrofit, to accommodate services that are already installed.

done c

Curaflex 7006 Plate

done d

Curaflex 7006 Plate with multiple spigots

The above details have been given as a general guidance. If you can provide us with further information such as cable, service or ducting type; the outside diameter of any services that require sealing, along with any details of the wall to be penetrated, such as wall material; wall thickness and any waterproofing you may be using, we can offer you the best solution to seal your services. Alternatively, we are happy to look at any drawings you may have and offer advice and possible solutions for your sealing requirements.

For more information on our product range, or help and guidance for the best products to use to meet your project specific requirements, please contact Service Sealing Solutions.

Service Sealing Solutions Ltd specialise in service sealing systems for utility services, offering a high level of expertise to developers and specifiers for sealing against water and gas ingress around service entries in basements and high-rise buildings.  

For more information on our DOYMA Sealing Systems product range contact Service Sealing Solutions on 01952 510050 or email